Service packages of the YASNA line include the basic services necessary for a modern person for comfort and full-fledged communication:

Service packages YASNA. Are you at home!,
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Connect reliable Internet, TV and telephone in the YASNA service packages from Beltelecom

Every house should be YASNA,
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The cost of connecting three services as part of a package is much cheaper than separately. Payment for all services included in the package is made to a common personal account. To use the services Beltelecom provides free of charge the necessary equipment (modem, set-top box). GPON technology guarantees high speed Internet access and high quality television.

"Yasna 35" service package from Beltelecom. It's just easier that way,
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The application allows you to monitor the balance, change tariff plans, as well as enable and disable additional services, track the statistics of service consumption, and replenish the account.

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Connect to ZALA terrestrial television and a free digital set-top box will be brought to your home

ZALA terrestrial television,
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Want to watch your favorite movies and TV programs wherever you are? SMART ZALA is a convenient interactive Internet TV service, easy registration and friendly interface, high quality broadcasting, on-screen program, convenient control and archive of programs. Everything so that you enjoy viewing where it suits you.

SMART ZALA - television that is always with you,
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Difficult to cope when everything is separate. It's much easier when everyone is together. The YASNA service package from Beltelecom is the Internet, television and telephone at a bargain price.

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"Free Wi-Fi" is a tariff plan for unlimited Internet access based on Wi-Fi technology.

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