It wakes us up in the morning, sometimes even at night… Words revealing the essence of the common thing at every house, at every office. Telephone which is perceived as something inherent. Telephone is a part of Your life. «Beltelecom» in touch with life. In touch with the world.

Branding b-roll of Beltelecom "It is the part of our life"
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What is behind the simple word «Hallo…» Thousands of people who work to connect us with each other, help in urgent situations and solve all issues. Team of “Beltelecom” makes your life convenient/comfortable.

Branding b-roll of Beltelecom "Team"
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All people like holidays: students, doctors and even presidents. We like holidays too, so we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Holidays sparkle with bright lights, and home telephone waits greetings from close friends…

B-roll "New Year greetings"
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Piece ...
Reliability ...
Confidence ...

B-roll “Beltelecom for successful business”
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About life. About our life. How the telephony, unusual for the beginning of 20 century, has become a part of our everyday life. How many different emotions and feelings we expressed thanks to telephony: happy and sad, disturbing and promising, warm and tender.

Branding b-roll of Beltelecom "Feelings"
September 2008

Commercial b-roll of Beltelecom “CLIP”
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Branding b-roll of Beltelecom
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