About us

The Republican Unitary Enterprise Beltelecom is the leading telecommunication company with a long history, the personnel of which provides and develops communication technologies important for the state, society, private and corporate customers. In its activities, the company focuses on the active policy of expansion and improvement of telecommunication services. The company shows a constant dynamic development and holds a leading position on the telecommunication market of the Republic of Belarus being the largest telecommunication operator in the territory of our country.

Beltelecom was founded on July 3, 1995 as Republican Association. On 1 August 2004 the company was re-organized to the Republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise. Regional unitary enterprises as well as the Minsk City Telephone Network, Long Distance Communications and the Minsk Telephone-Telegraph Station were re-organized into branches of Beltelecom by affiliation.

Today, Beltelecom includes 9 branches and 3 productions as part of the company's head unit.


  • Brest Branch
  • Vitebsk Branch
  • Gomel Branch
  • Grodno Branch
  • Mogilev Branch
  • Minsk Branch
  • Minsk City Telephone Exchange Branch
  • Radio, television and communications
  • Agricultural Subsidiary Economy Branch

Productions as part of the company's head unit:

  • International Switching Center
  • Information and Accounting Center
  • Minsk telephone-telegraph station

Mission of Beltelecom – bringing people together, giving the freedom to communicate and obtain information.

The company’s brand portfolio consists of the brand Beltelecom, that represents voice communication, data transmission, hosting and other services as well as the brands byfly (high-speed Internet access), ZALA (interactive, terrestrial and Internet TV), YASNA (service packages), and YASNAe TV.



byfly - is a strong and independent brand, in the trading portfolio of which the best offers on Internet access for corporate and home use are collected. Today byfly is both a wired and wireless Internet access ensuring high speed of data transmission, comfortable use of the service at home and at work.

Speeds from 3 up to 500 Mbps and higher are available for byfly subscribers depending on the connection technologies.



ZALA - is the brand combining television services of RUE Beltelecom. Under this brand interactive, terrestrial and Internet television services are provided to subscribers. A wide range of channels, thematic packages of various genres make ZALA services popular among different social groups. Interactivity of ZALA allows subscribers to watch favorite TV programs at the time of their convenience.



YASNA is a brand under which subscribers are offered various sets of services needed by modern people for comfort and adequate communication. The brand provides individuals with the most requested services based on the subscriber access network using GPON technology (passive optical networks). Using this technology, subscribers can access the Internet at speeds up to 500 Mbps, modern television services and other services that require high capacity.



YASNAe TV is the round-the-clock television channel of RUE Beltelecom in Full HD format, aimed at a wide audience: a viewer of any age, gender and profession will find something fascinating.



Evika! a brand of a network of electric charging stations operating on alternating current. Evika! - a concept understandable to everyone - charging is simple, convenient and safe. The stations will be located in residential areas, near offices and business centers. While the owner is working or resting, his electric car is charging. Evika brand! helps to plan your time and increase comfort.



BELTELECOMshop - online store of goods by installments from Beltelecom.



GPON-technology is a variety of FTTH (optic to home) and offers optical fiber laying to a subscriber’s flat. Thereby all active intermediate devices (switches and routers) are excluded, that certainly improves the quality of services provided, and creates the preconditions for increasing the speed to a subscriber up to 1 Gbps and more. In this case, a subscriber is provided with a ‘smart’ device ONU, which has different interfaces (Ethernet, FXS, Wi-Fi) for provision of various telecommunication services – telephony based on IMS technology, ZALA interactive and Internet television, Internet access, security alarm system, home entry system, and “Smart Home” services.

One of the main indicators of success and company’s credibility is a constantly growing number of its subscribers. Millions of subscribers choose RUE Beltelecom as a communications service provider. As for the penetration rate of broadband Internet access per 100 inhabitants the Republic of Belarus has achieved the European average.

Wi-Fi access points from Beltelecom are available in the most visited public places of cities. The most popular hot-spots are in hotels, the national airport, sport complexes and health resorts, railway stations, bus stations, cinemas, shopping and exhibition centers.

For the convenience of its subscribers, Beltelecom has a network of service centers throughout the country.

At present, RUE Beltelecom provides transmission of television and radio programs by television and radio companies through communication channels, organizes the delivery of unscheduled television programs, “video bridges” and “video playouts” from venues and other events, and ensures television and sound broadcasting within the territory of the republic.

The results of the work in 2022

For the personnel of Beltelecom, the year began with an important event - the operator received a license to provide cellular mobile telecommunications services. Mobile communication has become a new vector of development which would maintain innovation. In December the enterprise first offered a package of services using LTE technology, thanks to which subscribers will be able to use modern services, where it was previously technically impossible.

In 2022, Beltelecom continued to modernize its telecommunications infrastructure with the creation of new generation networks. Particular attention was paid to the development of reliable and affordable communications in the most remote corners. All settlements with more than 100 households and 75% of settlements with 50 to 100 households are provided with a fiber optic access.

Over the past year, 7.3 thousand km of fiber-optic lines were built, the technical feasibility to connect 164.4 thousand GPON subscribers was ensured. The total number of users of this technology exceeded 2.9 million. As of January 1, 2023, 3.75 million subscribers were connected to the republican IMS platform, which is 93% of the total subscriber base of the enterprise. The number of broadband access subscribers is 2.5 million, the number of ZALA television subscribers is almost 2.5 million.

Video surveillance, one of the most promising projects, is successfully developing. Last year, the number of installed cameras reached 100 000. In December, the operator connected the 200 000th subscriber (household), doubling the number of the users in just a year. The residents and corporate clients appreciated the functionality of the service, that provides video surveillance of residential buildings and territories or production facilities.

The residents of 12 Belarusian cities use the mobile application “My City”, which accumulates the most popular services for a particular region. More than 3 thousand organizations present their services and businesses on the digital platform: government authorities, including municipal administrations, educational and healthcare institutions, trade, cultural and leisure facilities.

The developed digital platform has been further developed: the mobile application “My University” has digitized the main services for universities. The pilot project was implemented on the basis of the Minsk State Linguistic University.

The direction of retail sales is actively developing. In 2022, the range of goods available to the company's customers by installments has been significantly expanded. Now one can buy smartphones, TV-sets, robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and other equipment on favorable terms at service centers and on the website shop.beltelecom.by. Over the year, the number of people wishing to buy goods at Beltelecom has more than doubled.

TV channel “YASNAe TV” turned three years old, which confidently holds its position in the TOP-10 on the platform ZALA that unites more than 150 TV channels.

The bright end of the year was the presentation of a new promising direction - a network of electric charging stations under the trademark Evika. Presenting the new brand in Pinsk, the operator emphasized that Beltelecom is always nearby, in large cities and small towns with the most modern and advanced solutions.

We are proud to note that the work of the enterprise received a high state assessment - Beltelecom was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality.