Service Packages

Subscribers using telephone, Internet access and interactive TV services can reduce their costs by purchasing these services in packages.

A package of telecommunication services represents Operator’s commercial proposal on provision of two or more services under the terms different from the terms of provision of these services if not included in the package.

The package cost is determined by the number of the services included, their volumes and terms of provision. Depending upon the services included in your chosen package, you will be provided with all necessary equipment.

In addition to saving money, packages of services give you a convenient way of paying and monitoring the personal account status. You can pay for packages of services using any of the presented methods:

When connecting to a package of services it is necessary to take into account the following:
- Mandatory condition for the service provision on the package basis is the ordering of all services included in the package. Accordingly, the payment for the package is made in full, not partially by services.
- Only those subscribers who have registered officially a subscription for the use of local telephone network can be connected to a packet of services, which includes telephone services.
- In case of non-payment (or incomplete payment) of the package cost, access to the services included in the package is suspended. Therefore, timely payment is a guarantee of uninterrupted provision of the services in the package.
- when providing long-distance communication services in the package, apart from long distance minutes, the same amount of minutes of local communication, including from the amount included in the package, are spent.