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Private Customers


RUE Beltelecom provides a complex of different services for all categories of users.

Subscribers using telephone, Internet access and interactive TV services can reduce their costs by purchasing these services in packages. A package of telecommunication services represents Operator’s commercial proposal on provision of two or more services under the terms different from the terms of provision of these services if not included in the package. The package cost is determined by the number of the services included, their volumes and terms of provision. Depending upon the services included in your chosen package, you will be provided with all necessary equipment.

Telephone services make it possible to automatically establish telephone connections between subscribers. RUE Beltelecom provides various ways of telephone connections: local, long distance (including access to mobile networks) and international. In addition to basic services, subscribers are provided with a wide range of value-added telephone services as well as various service offerings (detailed breakdown of calls, call of an electrician to the house, etc).

Our company offers you broadband, dial-up and wireless Internet access under the brand name byfly. byfly makes it possible

  • to simultaneously surf the Internet and make telephone calls;
  • high data rate enabling comfortable work with large volumes of information, including multimedia files;
  • anytime access to the Internet without the need to re-establish a connection every day;
  • a wide variety of operating modes with and without traffic accounting.

ZALA - interactive television which opens up absolutely tremendous opportunities of an ordinary TVset to the user. The technology used for TV signal transmission over IP helpsimplement a number of features previously unavailable tousers. The service combines the advantages of cable TV and the Internet interactivity. It makes possible to manage a set of services on your own: to choose packages of TV channels, to group them, to connect to value-added services and browse the program guide on the television screen.

At present, subscribers are provided with a full range of hosting services on the whole new level on the base of Beltelecom`s Data Processing Center, namely:

  • provision of disk space;
  • provision of a physical server;
  • virtual dedicated server;
  • colocation.

You and your family are provided with the possibility to relax, to undertaketreatment and rehabilitation in the recreation centers of the company.