Musical Marathon

The service "Musical Marathon" makes it possible to replace the standard ringing tone with an individual signal (ring-back tone) - melodies, phrases or different sounds.

While connecting to the service a subscriber has an opportunity to replace standard ringing tone with a melody, set by RUE "Beltelecom" for all the subscribers by default.

A subscriber also can select a specific melody, choosing from the list of ring-tones offered by the operator on a dedicated web-portal. Using the portal it is also possible to set up the necessary individual settings of service management such as setting of the specific ringing tone melody to a contact group or to a particular phone number. Also it is possible to install a specific ringing tone depending on the time of call incoming. Access to management of the service is provided to the user after activation of the service in service center of RUE "Beltelecom" using details (login and password) indicated in the contract for telephone services.

The Service is provided to the subscribers of the fixed communication network, having a telephone number, that is served by IMS platform. More information about the new service "Musical Marathon" can be obtained from "Service provison procedure" or, please, call 130 (free information on Beltelecom`s services).