Prepaid Calls

Intelligent Network Telephone Service includes services of international and long distance communication provided on the prepaid basis. The subscriber can make calls to any destination even with the locked access to “8” (blocked outgoing long-distance and international routes).With these services, the heads of organizations have a unique opportunity to control costs on long distance and international calls.

Intelligent Network Telephone Service includes:

  • Subscriber Account enables one to make calls using a prepaid account from the phone number specified in the service contract, and in this case the user does not need to enter an additional PIN-code.
  • Card Account enables one to make calls using a prepaid account from any telephone, including payphones.
  • Corporate Account enables a subscriber to combine Subscriber Accounts and/or Card Accounts in the Corporate Account. In this case, money will be spent only from the "Corporate Account" and not from each separate account.
  • Belarus Direct is designed for calls from other countries to the Republic of Belarus using prepaid STCs and the "Card Account".

Service Advantages:
- “176” - a unique abbreviated dial number for the Republic of Belarus
- 30-second billing
- IP-telephony;
- round-the-clock service support (tel. 8 805 100 4444).

The list of countries according to tarriff zones