ZALA IPTV presents New TV channels

Dear subscribers!

From February 5, 2019, ZALA IPTV is launching new test channels “O!”, “Bober” (Beaver) and “Muz1” (Music of the First) within extended and basic packages.

“O!” is a new children"s TV channel, an island of discoveries for preschoolers, elementary school pupils and their parents.

Every child is curious by nature: according to statistics, a four-year-old kid asks about 450 questions a day. Channel programs give answers to them!

The educational channel contains the best educational programs and cartoons that will make the child’s time in front of the TV not only enjoyable, but also useful. The maximum concentration of cognitive and educational programs awaits the audience in the daily thematic block “Discoveries!”: Here one can learn to read, count, draw and speak English.

The channel is addressed to little dreamers, experimenters, and curious little minds.

“Bober” (Beaver) is a TV channel devoted to modern design and simple architectural solutions that will help to create coziness at home, in summer cottage and in the office. This is a community of interior designers, architects, builders, landscape specialists and other professionals who are ready to demonstrate and share how everything can be done with your own hands. The channel offers new ideas for budget construction, renovation, improvement, creating an interior in an apartment, house, garden, and in the yard.

“Muz1” (Music of the First) is a guide to the world of youth culture. The TV channel offers: clips of only young and topical Russian artists whose hits conquer the charts and collect millions of views on the Internet and social networks, entertainment shows, music charts, news, interviews with stars and video blogs.