The YASNAe TV channel launches a new project "Clear about esport"

On October 3, 2020, a cycle of programs about e-sports will start on the YASNAe TV channel. The project partner is the "Belarusian Cybersport Federation". Viewers will see the first six episodes before the end of the year.

Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues of RUE Beltelecom Sergey Turomsha:

 Esport is actively moving beyond computer clubs and streaming sites. There are more and more active fans. We see that the interest in esports from the TV audience is also growing. Our creative team believes that the format and themes of the "Clear about esport" show will attract new viewers, primarily young people.

"Clear about esport" is a combination of a youtube show with a familiar television format. If it’s news, then in simple language, if it’s analytics, then it’s obvious without the "captain obvious", and interviews - only with significant people in the industry.

In the first episode, we will discuss the phenomenal winning spurt of Team Secret in Dota 2 and the representation of Belarus at the IeSF World Championship in esports. The main speaker will be Evgeny Ugin Erofeev, the manager of the CS of NaVi. We will find out his opinion on the topic of coaching bans and not only.

At the end of the program - the announcement of significant events in the domestic eSports.

Yegor Malyzhenkov, Communications Director of the Belarusian Cybersport Federation:

Esport has been on television for a long time. If last year we started a joint project with broadcasting our tournaments on Yasnae TV, now the time has come for a separate infotainment program in the format that the youth audience is used to. We really hope that during the pilot episodes, the audience will appreciate the efforts of the film crew and please us with feedback. "

The first issue of "Clear about esport" will air on Saturday, October 3, at 21.00. Do not miss!