"What a Movie!" TV channel "YASNAe TV" launches a new project dedicated to cinema

On October 17, YASNAe TV will host the premiere of the program "What a Movie!" The most interesting events from the world of cinema, stories from film sets, meetings with actors, directors and screenwriters. All this is in the new TV project! Its idea is to acquaint viewers with the latest trends in the world and domestic film industry, new releases of film distribution, as well as movies that are planned to be shown on the TV channel.

It is no secret that it was YASNAe TV's film content that became its hallmark and allowed it to take its place in the top 15 on the ZALA platform. The channel's on-air policy is based solely on viewers' preferences. At the moment, the leading TV ratings are films of military subjects - "T-34", "Penalty battalion", "Under military law", cult films of the 2000s - "Brigade", "Brother" and, of course, world cinema hits.

What is their uniqueness and originality? Why does the modern viewer have mosaic thinking? What is being filmed in Belarus now and how much is it in demand? All these questions will be answered by the authors of the program "What a Movie!" The creative team emphasizes that feedback and communication with the audience is important for the program. Therefore, Beltelecom social networks promise to be more active than ever.

The central block of the program "What a Movie!" takes the announcement of the upcoming film week on YASNAe TV. In addition, the authors will tell you about new products on the ZALA platform.

Atmosphere in the studio "What a Movie!" will allow the viewer to truly immerse themselves in the world of the "dream factory". This is exactly the task set by the presenter of the program, Zhenya Zadora, known to listeners on the Center FM radio. Zhenya "tries on" a new role and hopes that in the television pavilion she will be as comfortable as in the radio studio.

Sunday, October 17, at 21.00 - "What a Movie!"

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