City in a smartphone: the mobile application "My City" started working in Glubokoe

Glubokoe is the second city of the Vitebsk region where the joint project of the Ministry of Communications and Beltelecom “My City” has been implemented. The initiative was developed within the framework of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” and is aimed at improving the comfort and quality of life of citizens.

The concept of a “smart city” has become a trend in recent years. Smart technologies cover almost the entire urban environment: public administration, education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and service sector. The digital platform "My City" is designed to combine the most popular urban services into a single ecosystem and provide convenient access to them.

"My City" is a mobile application, the main function of which is the interactive cooperation of users with the city infrastructure. The pilot project was launched in February in Polotsk. Just six months later, an updated version for the city of Glubokoe is launched.

General Director of RUE Beltelecom Yuri PETRUCHENYA:

- I am pleased to note that administrations of many cities have shown interest in the project. Thanks to the synergy of the Ministry of Communications, Beltelecom and the Glubokoye Regional Executive Committee, the application has become available to residents of Glubokoe. The popularity of this resource is determined not only by its wide functionality, but also by its ease of use. We relied on interactivity, and today we see that thanks to online options, the application is becoming more and more popular.

An important feature of the platform is the ability to flexibly adapt to a certain region.

Alexander SHUBSKY, Chair of the Glubokoe District Executive Committee:

- Each city is unique and needs digital development, taking into account local priorities, economy, history, culture, geographic location. I am convinced that the "My City" platform will help our city to present its potential more vividly and will serve as a tool for convenient communication of citizens with the city infrastructure, including the city administration.

The application has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The information here is structured by type of activity. You can choose a section where all organizations in the region are represented, or one of 40 modules with the most popular areas: recreation and tourism, services, health and sports, education. You can also find the phone numbers, addresses, and other help information you need here. The application contains news, poster, promotions and discounts.

Citizens will be able to use the resource to make an appointment with the regional executive committee, state institution or school, find out the opening hours of shops and cafes, call an emergency team, schedule a visit to a beauty salon or service station.

The application is constantly improving and becoming more functional. Following Polotsk and Glubokoe Mobile Assistant will be able for use to Pinsk, Lepel, Orsha, Baranovichi.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS.