Beltelecom congratulated the first subscriber of the “Semeiny 5 LTE service package

On February 1, Beltelecom congratulated the first subscriber connected the “Semeiny 5 LTE” service package, Dmitry Zaloga from Samokhvalovichi.

Dmitry and his wife Natalia were greeted by Andrei Nikiforov, Deputy Director for Technical Issues of Minsk branch of RUE Beltelecom, and Elena Slabko, Head of Sales Department. In a solemn atmosphere Dmitry was presented with a certificate of Honorary Subscriber and a gift from Beltelecom - a Lenovo tablet.

Dmitry is the head of a large family. The Zaloga spouses and their three sons actively use modern communication services. Preparing for the housewarming, we chose the best tariff plan that would combine all the necessary services. The preference was given to Beltelecom's new tariff - “Semeiny 5 LTE”. The package includes unlimited Internet access, SMART ZALA TV and telephony with unlimited calls in Beltelecom’s network. The peculiarity of the new offer is that the services operate on the basis of LTE wireless network.

In 2022, Beltelecom received a mobile communications operator license and already in December presented a package of services with 4G technology. Users immediately appreciated its benefits: almost 500 households across the country have already chosen “Semeiny 5 LTE”. Mogilev and Vitebsk regions are the leaders with more than a hundred connections each.

Andrei Nikiforov, Deputy Director for Technical Issues of Minsk branch of RUE Beltelecom:

– One of the priorities of our work is development of reliable and affordable communications in the most remote places. Thanks to mobile technologies, modern services have become available to residents of small rural settlements, where it was technically impossible before. We take into account the interests of our customers and, of course, we will continue to work in this direction!

Greeting subscribers is one of the best traditions of Beltelecom. Meetings with customers are always welcome here.

– Today we honor the first subscriber, and soon, I hope, we will congratulate the anniversary one. We are constantly expanding the range of our offers so that communication services are available everywhere with a guaranteed high level of quality and service,” said Elena Slabko, head of Sales Department of Beltelecom.

Beltelecom has created a large-scale fiber-optic infrastructure. Fiber-optic cable access is provided to all settlements with more than 100 households and almost 75% of villages with less than 100 households. Mobile communications has become a new development vector for the enterprise, which will allow providing a complex of telecommunication services even where there is no fiber optic network yet.

Thank you for choosing our services!

For a consultation on the services, please contact the service centers of Beltelecom or call 123. An online application for connection can be provided here.