1 500 000! Beltelecom has connected the jubilee subscriber of the “YASNA” service packages

1 million 500 thousand subscribers have chosen the “YASNA” service packages from the Beltelecom company! A resident of the Shklov city, Sergey Asetsky, has become the jubilee, who has connected “YASNA 200 SMART” in his house. On November, 10 Sergey received congratulations at the Beltelecom service center.

 General Director of RUE Beltelecom Yuri Petruchenya and Director of the Mogilev branch Andrey Cherny thanked Sergey for his trust in the “YASNA” brand, presented him with a certificate of Honorary subscriber and gifts – a Realme Pad 4GB/64GB tablet and the opportunity to use the “Dom Light Video surveillance” service with a 99% discount during a year.

Beltelecom has reached a new important milestone it has connected the one and a half millionth subscriber of the YASNA service packages. Thanks to modern communication lines, we were able to offer residents of the entire country high quality and a wide range of services,” said Yuri Petruchenya, General Director of RUE Beltelecom, We awarded the millionth subscriber in the Soligorsk city,  and today we honor a resident of the Shklov city. This once again emphasizes that the most modern Beltelecom solutions are always nearby in every corner of Belarus!

Yuri Petruchenya has also noted that the company will continue to improve the technical base in order to best meet customer needs, ensure reliability of services and affordable service.

Director of the Mogilev branch Andrey Cherny said that “YASNA” service packages have been consistently popular among the region’s population for many years and are confidently leading in the segment of offers for individuals.

Beltelecom has created a reliable infrastructure for the development of qualitatively new services and digital projects. The “YASNA” brand, which united unlimited Internet, digital television and telephone communications for GPON network subscribers, has become one of the most striking examples in this direction. In 2016, the “YASNA” line launched with Internet at a speed of 10 Mbps, and more recently the “YASNA 500 SMART” tariff with a record Internet speed of 500 Mbps appeared there. Today, packages with three main services can be supplemented with such popular solutions as “Video surveillance”, “Smart Home”, access to online cinemas, gaming resources, etc.

Each subscriber will find an optimal range of services for themselves in the “YASNA” assortment. At the same time, purchasing them in a package with a single account is more convenient and profitable than paying separately. Another advantage that users appreciate is the provision of a set of necessary equipment for the entire period of the contract. Thus, quality, comfort and accessibility determined the success of the “YASNA” brand on the Belarusian market.

On this important day, we thank everyone who has chosen the “YASNA” service packages from the Beltelecom company.

“YASNA” – there are 1 500 000 of us! Join us!

For advice on connecting to YASNA service packages, please contact Beltelecom service centers or call 123. You can submit an online application for connection here.