Green number

Green number (Freephone) – the opportunity for a customer to organize free for fixed communication network subscribers directory-inquiry service by means of RUE Beltelecom facilities.

Access to the service for the subscribers of the Republic of Belarus can be organized:
1. with the use of number 8-801-АВС-хххх (allocated by RUE Beltelecom),
2. with the use of the number of the format 1ХХ (allocated by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus).

Holders of «Green number» can offer consultations, technical support and other information services to the customers by the phone, conduct various marketing events and ect. Herewith the telephone number of such service will be a single one for appeals of citizens of the whole Republic.

The unique feature of this service for Belarus is that the access service to the directory information service of the Customer is free of charge for subscribers. The cost of the service is paid by the owner of the «Green number» - enterprise concerned or organization, whose activity is connected with the permanent information and technical support of clients. Technical facilities of Beltelecom offer possibilities to conduct regular statistic collection of subscribers’ apply separately in every region. It is often important marketing information for Customer.

To open own «Green number», it is important to sign a contract with RUE Beltelecom.

Signing a contract for the service, Customer receives:

  • Permanent number, which remains unchanged when coordinates of the Customer change;
  • Centralized charging of the telephone connections. Charging of the connections is fulfilled by means of Beltelecom
  • Service «Green number» is free of charge for subscribers