ZALA offers new TV channels

ZALA Television offers its viewers new TV channels.

On July 14, 2021, in the extanded and basic packages ZALA IPTV and in the basic package "Kanapa TV" SMART ZALA, test broadcasting of the TV channels "Nasha Tema" (button - 40), "AUTO 24" (button - 41), "Sony Turbo" ( button - 68) and "Extreme Sports" (button - 97) starts.

The Jim Jam TV channel will appear on the 80th button as part of the "Detskiy" (for children) package, the expanded ZALA IPTV packages and the basic "Kanapa TV" SMART ZALA package.

"Nasha Tema" is a TV channel with a mysterious Russian soul and Siberian character, which will tell about travels in Siberia, tourist routes, life and survival in the taiga, interesting people, culture and traditions of local peoples.

"AUTO24" is a TV channel for those who want to know more about cars, their history, today and the future. On the air there are programs about new products in the automotive market, test drives, advice from operating specialists, as well as relevant materials from the authoritative German channel "Auto Motor und Sport", reports from exhibitions and car dealerships, an entertainment car program for women and other exclusive programs.

"Sony Turbo" is a unique and exciting dynamic male TV channel featuring world-famous TV dramas as well as box office hits. The target audience of the TV channel is men aged 20 to 49, who prefer intellectual humor and entertainment "with character": crime and comedy series, feature films for every taste, documentary projects and reality shows for real men.

«Extreme Sports» – the world's first TV channel dedicated exclusively to extreme sports and addressed to thrill-seekers. Topics of the programs: mountaineering, windsurfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, scuba diving.

«JimJam» – children's TV channel, in the program of which there are only kind, calm, funny cartoons for preschoolers and primary schoolchildren. There are no monsters and "horror stories" on the channel, but there are series that in a playful way explain how to behave, not to offend the weak, to help loved ones, not to be lazy.

Happy viewing!