"YASNAe TV" channel starts a new season of the project "Clearly about Football"

On March 15, the weekly program “Clearly about Football”, already known to viewers, will start on YASNAe TV in an updated format. As before, each episode will be devoted to the results of the Belarusian Football Championship tournaments. However, the style and presentation of the material will change significantly. Fans will see match reports, interviews with famous footballers and coaches, overviews of the games of our footballers playing abroad. The project partner is the Association “Belarusian Football Federation”.

Sergey Turomsha, Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues, RUE Beltelecom:

- Simultaneously with the start of the football championship, YASNAe TV is launching a new season of the programClearly about Football. We continue our successful cooperation with the Belarusian Football Federation and make every effort to ensure that our viewers receive more analytics and expertise, get to know the heroes of the matches better and keep abreast of all events from the world of Belarusian football. We want fans to see a quality TV product.

 Sergei Zhardetsky, Secretary General of the Belarusian Football Federation:

- The Association “Belarusian Football Federation” is looking forward to the start of the joint project with "YASNAe TV". In addition to reports, reviews and interviews, we will be able to offer the viewer a completely new topic. So, in the rubric "Judge with us" the representative of the Referees and Inspectors Department of ABFF Vladimir Kuzmin will comment on the referee decisions that caused the greatest resonance. We hope that the updated project “Clearly about Football” will interest the fans and make the Belarusian football life even brighter.

Football fans will see at least 30 episodes this year. This is the number of  matches provided within the Belarusbank - Belarusian Premier League Championship season - 2021.

As sports journalist Pavel Kaputsky, the host of the “Clearly about Football” program, said, the project will certainly retain its analytical component, but it will become more dynamic. Significant events in the first league and the women's championship will not be overlooked either. In addition, the feedback from the audience will remain: the creators of the program promise to regularly voice interesting remarks, questions and comments on air.

The program will take its previous position on the TV channel's schedule - Monday, 21.00. Don't miss the first release on March 15th. It will be interesting!