Turn off the equipment during the thunderstorm!

Summer is not only delights with warm sunny days, but also disturbs with rains and thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm is a dangerous atmospheric phenomenon, accompanied by the occurrence of powerful electrical discharges, which, if directly affected on power supply networks, can affect the operation of electrical appliances, including a modem or a television set-top box. Meteorological phenomena create an electromagnetic pulse, due to which powerful broadband interference appears, affecting both the operation of wireless devices (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and the operation of electrical networks.

Do not forget about the simple rules of behavior in poor weather conditions. If you are at home during a thunderstorm, disconnect electrical equipment from the network and, if possible, the power supply of the apartment, close the windows and vents. Do not leave electrical appliances in "standby" mode - it is better to disconnect them.

If your telecom equipment stops working after bad weather, try switching it on to another socket. If this does not help, you can get technical advice by calling 123, it is free of charge from both landline and mobile phones.