Quickly and Reliably: Beltelecom Recalls the Directory-Inquiry Services Numbers

Inquiry telephone services today are still in demand. The main advantage of such services is the efficiency and reliability of the information provided. A monthly number of applications can reach up to one million.

Currently, you can use the following directory-inquiry services numbers of RUE Beltelecom.

109 - directory-inquiry service on telephone numbers of apartments and organizations. Payment is made for calling the service and for local telephone connection. For mobile network subscribers - payment according to the tariffs of the operator.

190 - GorInfoService. By this number you can find out the following information: addresses, schedule and working hours of government agencies, services, organizations, large stores and department stores, notary offices and legal services, whether the address belongs to a clinic, exchange rates, etc. As part of a single referral to the 190 service, the operator provides no more than three apartment phone numbers or no more than three organizations phone numbers. The service operates around the clock. The call is paid and charged per minute.

199 - directory-inquiry service on emergency phone numbers: emergency and special services, hospitals, dispensaries, antenatal clinics, medical rehabilitation expert board, police centres, health care institutions, etc. There is no charge for contacting the service.

188 - exact time auto-informer.

166 - acceptance of telegrams over the telephones. Payment is charged according to the tariffs for telegraph services and an additional fee is charged for a full and partial minute of a local telephone connection.

164 - directory-inquiry service operating in automatic mode. Provides data on the state of the account and amounts billed for telecommunication services.

123 - RUE Beltelecom customer service call center. Here you can get technical advice, as well as answers to your questions about the company's services. The call is free of charge, including from a mobile phone. The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The fee for inquiry services is included in the general telephone bill, in which it is usually allocated as a separate line - "inquiry services". On our website you can find tariffs for individuals and legal entities.