Program "In the Public Domain" returns to the TV channel YASNAe TV

On the YASNAe TV channel, a new season of the program "In the Public Domain" begins with Yuri Groerov. An information and analytical project dedicated to the world of technology and innovation.

Unique digital solutions. The people who create them. The digital transformation of our lives has already begun, but what will happen next? The guests of the program answer the questions of the present and the future. The future that awaits each of us. All the most advanced and interesting - "In the Public Domain"!

The new season opens with an interview with the Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus Konstantin Shulgan. It will be about the state program "Digital Development of Belarus" for the next five years. "Smart cities", sectoral and regional digital platforms, information and communication technologies as a driver of economic growth throughout the country - about this and more in detail on March 18, "In the Public Domain" on the YASNAe TV channel.

The author of the program, Yuri Groerov, is convinced that it is sometimes difficult even for highly educated and advanced users to track the changes that digital transformation is pushing us to. "We all need to understand how technology can make our lives more comfortable, how to get rid of routine processes that take time, how to manage our lives in the new, digital era. Without this understanding, not only development, but the very existence of a person in the modern world is hardly possible," the author believes.

The following programs will be attended by the leaders of the telecommunications and high-tech market. They will tell in detail how and where our reality has already changed and will continue to change in the future due to digital technologies.

The program will take its traditional place on the air - weekly on Thursdays at 21.00 with a repeat on Tuesday.