The list of ZALA TV channels is changed

Dear subscribers!

New channels appeared on the ZALA platform. On January 25, test broadcasting of the TV channels “NTV Style” (button 127), “Arsenal” (button 138) began in the expanded and basic ZALA IPTV packages. Test broadcasting of and the TV channel “Domashnie zhivotnye” (button 107) began in the additional package “Poznavatelny” and expanded packages ZALA IPTV. Also, these TV channels were included in the basic package “Kanapa TV” SMART ZALA.

The broadcast of test TV channels “Perviy vegetarianskiy”, “Zoopark” and “EPOQUE” is terminated.

“NTV-Style” is a TV channel about a lifestyle. The best programs of the NTV channel about travel, design, repair and home improvement, culinary, gastronomic, consumer and makeover shows, programs about a healthy lifestyle and psychology, as well as documentary projects.

“Arsenal” is a men's TV channel with 50% of film content directed to a male audience aged 35–55. Programs about modern weapons, educational programs, the history of warships, biographies of military commanders and others.

Domashnie zhivotnye” - an informative and entertaining TV channel about pets, care, treatment and training; about the peculiarities of cat and dog breeds, contests and competitions. The broadcasting network also features programs about wildlife, documentaries dedicated to the research of geneticists, zoologists, ecologists.

Pleasant viewing!