Focus on the development of 5G technology

On April 22, the Strategic Summit was held on the development of 5G technology as a universal platform for further digital transformation. The traditional event was attended by the management of RUE Beltelecom, the Eurasian region of Huawei and Bel Huawei Technologies LLC.

Expert cooperation will allow to continue the consistent study of the unique capabilities of the fifth generation mobile communication technology.

5G resources will become the basis for the development of social and economic activity, will open up prospects for many innovative areas, including unmanned vehicles, the Internet of things, concepts of "smart" cities, etc. In addition, 5G will contribute to the complete elimination of the digital divide.

The business platform of the Summit provided an opportunity to get acquainted with global telecommunication trends and innovative solutions, study successful experience in the implementation of 5G projects, discuss topical issues and exchange views.

In January 2021, Beltelecom completed testing of the fifth generation mobile network. During the trial operation, all aspects of 5G were studied in real conditions of urban development and rural areas, as well as the potential in the industrial and subscriber segments. The research carried out during the test operation allowed us to obtain key professional competencies in the field of 5G.