Evika! Beltelecom presented a new direction of business - a network of electric charging stations

On December 15, Beltelecom presented a new line of business - a network of electric charging stations under the Evika brand.

The first electric charging station was installed near the Beltelecom service center on the street Zaslonova, 15 in Pinsk. In the near future, 19 charging complexes will appear in Minsk, Brest, Soligorsk and other cities.

Yuri Petruchenya, General Director of RUE Beltelecom:

– A comprehensive program for the development of electric transport is being successfully implemented in our country. The necessary infrastructure for electric cars is being created. Beltelecom, as a state telecommunications operator, sees its task in making the most current trends and technological innovations available to residents of large cities and small towns. Presenting a new brand in Pinsk, we emphasize that Beltelecom is always close by with the most modern and advanced solutions.

The electric charging station installed in Pinsk is a two-operators. This means that two electric cars or a car with a hybrid engine can simultaneously receive a portion of energy at once. A station with a capacity of 22 kW per post will fully charge the battery with alternating current in 4–8 hours. Simple and clear instructions will help to master the menu even for a beginner. In addition, to improve safety, each electric charging station will be equipped with a video monitoring camera.

– To use the charger, you need to install the ISKRA mobile app. It will help you find the nearest charging station on the map and get directions to it, find out the technical parameters of the session, monitor the progress of charging, view the session history. You can pay for services with cards of the most popular payment systems, - said Sergey Turomsha, Deputy Director General for Economics and Commercial Issues of RUE Beltelecom.

Becoming the operator of the electric charging station network, Beltelecom offered a concept understandable to everyone - charging is simple, convenient and safe. The stations will be located in residential areas, near offices and business centers. While the owner is working or resting, his electric car is charging. The Evika brand helps you plan your time and increase your comfort. Evika is the joy of advanced technologies!

Eco-friendly transport is becoming more and more popular. It is obvious that the demand for "green" technologies will grow. Beltelecom plans to scale the electric charging station network throughout the country.

The ISKRA application is available for download in the App Store for IOS and Google play for Android.

The cost of the service will be 0.4 rubles for 1 kWh.