On the eve of Labor Day, the Republican Board of Honor was opened officially in Minsk

On the eve of Labor Day, the updated Republican Board of Honor was opened officially on the State Flag Square.

Among the 64 winners who achieved the best indicators of socio-economic development based on the results of work for 2023, the Republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise Beltelecom is represented!

The teams of the best organizations were welcomed by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus Yuri Chebotar. He emphasized that the secret to the success of any enterprise is competitiveness, quality products and a successful team.

Yuri Petruchenya, General Director of RUE Beltelecom:

– Our overall success reflects the high professionalism, hard work and dedication of every member of the many thousand team of RUE Beltelecom. Today the company demonstrates stable development and decent performance results. Thanks to conscientious work, responsibility and high corporate spirit, we reach new heights and strengthen our position in all areas of activity.

Yuri Nikolaevich congratulated the team on the honorary state award and expressed confidence that the high recognition will become an incentive for further growth and outstanding achievements.

The golden plaque on the Republican Board of Honor is a symbol of responsible work, pride for every employee and the entire team of the enterprise.

Congratulations on being included on the Republican Board of Honor and the upcoming Labor Day! We wish you success in all your endeavors, new creative and professional victories for the benefit of the prosperity of our native Belarus!