City in a smartphone: the mobile application “My city (Belarus)” is already working in Braslav

Braslav has become another city in the Vitebsk region, where the joint project of the Ministry of Communications and Beltelecom “My City” has been implemented. The initiative was developed within the framework of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” and is aimed at improving the comfort and quality of life of citizens.

A year ago, in February 2021, the “My City” project was launched. This is a mobile application that has digitized the main city services for the population and business. To date, the application is already working in such cities of Belarus as Polotsk, Glubokoe, Pinsk, Orsha and Baranovichi. The new platform has become a tool for comfortable interaction between residents and urban infrastructure.

Thanks to the interested position of the Braslav Regional Executive Committee, here, in one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, the concept of a “smart city” is also being implemented. The mobile application “My City” is her practical tool. The digital platform is designed to combine the most popular urban services into a single ecosystem and organize interactive interaction between users and the urban environment - government organizations, educational and healthcare institutions, trade, culture and leisure facilities.

Deputy Director General for Economics and Commercial Issues of RUE Beltelecom Sergey Turomsha:

 – I am pleased to note that administrations of many cities show interest in the project. At the moment, the issue that Beltelecom is solving by launching an application in cities is how such a format of interaction for city authorities, business and the population of the city can be successful, useful, and effective. We are interested in popularizing the application not only among the authorities, but also among enterprises and citizens. The main task is to make the resource as informative as possible, but at the same time simple and understandable in work.

Chairman of the Braslav District Executive Committee Vyacheslav Viktorovich Grishchenko:

– Today, the Braslav district is positioned as a center of sustainable tourism in the Republic of Belarus and needs digital development, taking into account local priorities, economy, history, culture, and geographical location. I am convinced that the My City platform will help our city to present its tourism potential more vividly and serve as a tool for comfortable interaction between residents and guests of the Braslav region with the city infrastructure.

The resource already presents almost all organizations of the region, structured by type of activity: city administration, active recreation and tourism, health and sports, education. There are more than 40 modules in total. Citizens will be able to use the application to make an appointment with the district executive committee, government agency or school, find out the opening hours of shops and cafes, call an emergency team, schedule a visit to a beauty salon or service station. You just need to download the application.

Various business entities of Braslav and the Braslav region can take part in filling the platform. To participate, you shall leave an application on the website: or contact the RUE Beltelecom service center: Braslav, st. Derzhinsky, 69, phone: 802153-60453,

The application “My city (Belarus)” is available for download on Android and iOS.