Beltelecom upgraded ZALA interactive television platform and introduced new features

Beltelecom upgraded ZALA digital interactive television (IPTV) platform, significantly expanding its functionality and capacity. Now, new features will be added to the existing TV services, while the interface will remain convenient and intuitive.

Access to online cinemas, YouTube and storage platforms, interaction with social networks, video cameras and payment services. This and much more has become available to subscribers* today!

Beltelecom is the largest television operator in the country. The company connected its first IPTV subscribers in 2008. A year later, in 2009, ZALA brand entered the market. ZALA IPTV digital quality and interactivity have determined its success among viewers. To date, the number of ZALA interactive television subscribers has exceeded 2 million.

Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues of RUE Beltelecom Sergey Turomsha:

“Updating the infrastructure, along with improving the quality and range of services, is a priority area of the company's development. Modernization of the IPTV technological platform will provide the technical ability to launch new services, expand the tariff line, develop new products that respond to user requests and market priorities. Thus, these qualitative changes mark the transition from extensive growth to expansion of the rendered services range.”

Deputy Director General for Technical Issues of RUE Beltelecom Vadim Shaibakov:

“ZALA platform offered more than 150 TV channels and about 5 thousand units of film content. Thanks to the modernization, these parameters will be significantly improved. Already today, the platform capacity has been expanded to 2,250,000 subscribers. Additional features have been introduced, including OTT and 4K technologies support.”

For more than 10 years, ZTE has been Beltelecom partner in the implementation of IPTV/OTT services in Belarus.

General Manager of ZTE LLC (Belarus), Wei Wei:

“ZTE has successfully completed over 120 commercial projects using a variety of Big Video solutions in over 45 countries. We are very pleased that our systematic cooperation with Beltelecom is one of the most notable ZTE IPTV/OTT projects in the CIS countries. This service enjoys constant popularity among subscribers, there is a steady growth in demand for the service. The modernization of the IPTV platform in 2021 became a natural continuation of the work to constantly improve the quality of provided services.”  

The single IPTV/OTT platform will provide subscribers with access to popular video services such as YouTube, IVI online cinema, MEGOGO and media services.

The set-top box menu will also have access to Beltelecom existing services: My Beltelecom application, Video Surveillance. New services have been added: payment for the current service using Single Settlement and Information Space (ERIP) QR code, access to built-in games and photos on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox.

In addition, the platform interacts with social networks Facebook, VKontakte, and Viber service. This means that the user will be able to share interesting content with friends via social networks and messengers.

The set-top box can now be controlled not only with a traditional remote control, but also with a mobile phone.

Thanks to the new technical platform, on January 21, the YASNA line was updated with new service packages developed in partnership with the largest online cinema in the CIS IVI, MEGOGO and media services. "YASNA Kino +" is a unique offer for film fans. Along with the telecommunications services package, the tariff plan includes partner subscriptions IVI and MEGOGO, as well as access to the catalog. "YASNA Kino" offers the same set of communication services and collection of films, however, subscribers will be able to choose IVI or MEGOGO partner subscription on their own. More details can be found here.

* To access the new ZALA IPTV platform, you need a user set-top box STB B800. This set-top box is included in the equipment set for tariff plans of the YASNA line at a speed of 100 Mbps and higher. Subscribers previously connected to such tariff plans can contact the service center and replace the set-top box.