Beltelecom strengthens data protection in the application “My Beltelecom”

Today, one of the most reliable mechanisms for protecting user data is two-factor authentication.

Beltelecom is constantly improving the protection of subscribers' accounts in the application “My Beltelecom”.

On January 22, from 01.00 to 06.00, the company's specialists will work to enable two-factor authentication for users of the application “My Beltelecom”, who had it disabled.

The user identifier in the application “My Beltelecom” is a mobile phone number. Therefore, when trying to log into his account, the subscriber will receive an authorization code in an SMS message.


New users after completed work will have two-factor authentication enabled by default.

The application "My Beltelecom" is a convenient tool that helps to remotely manage communication services. Allows you to monitor the balance, change tariff plans, connect and disconnect additional services, track statistics of service consumption, replenish the account and much more. For users who prefer to work on personal computers, there is a web version of the application. Also versions for Android and iOS are available for download.