Beltelecom prepares to implementation of ID-cards

In 2021, Belarus will start issuing ID-cards, and biometric passports for traveling abroad. New certification documents will become another step into the world of digital communications and will help organize the provision of various services to the population at a qualitatively new level.

Up-to-date information about new documents is presented on the website of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization in a special section “Biometric documents of the Republic of Belarus”.

Beltelecom is already preparing for the appearance of ID-cards and biometric passports in the country. All branches of the company have automated workstations equipped with equipment for reading information from an ID-card. Currently, there are more than 125 of them, and the number will increase as necessary.

To work with ID-cards, Beltelecom specialists have improved their own information systems. Now they automatically interact with the Unified System for Identification of Individuals and Legal Entities, which is a component of the Belarusian Integrated Service and Settlement System (BISRS). If the subscriber has an ID-card, the service center operator will receive all the necessary information using the electronic identification system. Thus, the use of ID-cards will significantly speed up the process of formalizing contracts.

With the help of ID-cards it will be possible to connect any services of the company, and there are more than 70 of them. The most popular among subscribers are “YASNA” packages. The brand unites three main services - high-speed Internet, ZALA television, unlimited telephony in the Beltelecom network. The package of services may also include access to public Wi-Fi points of RUE Beltelecom, terrestrial television, Smart Home or Videocontrol. The line also includes packages with bonuses for the computer game World of Tanks.

Biometric documents in the country will be introduced as of September 1, 2021. Mandatory replacement of existing passports with new biometric documents is not planned.

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