Beltelecom and MSLU launched a joint digital project “My University”

Beltelecom and Minsk State Linguistic University announced the launch of the digital platform “My University”. The new project will provide interactive interaction and almost instant access to the services and online services of the educational institution.

Yuri PETRUCHENYA, Director General of RUE Beltelecom:

– Six months after signing a memorandum of cooperation with MSLU, we are launching the mobile application “My University”. I am convinced that the digital platform that we have implemented will make it possible to more effectively solve all the problems that modern education faces, and will become an excellent assistant for applicants, students and professors.

Natalia LAPTEVA, Rector of the Minsk State Linguistic University:

- “My University” is another important step towards the transformation of the MSLU educational process as part of the implementation of the concept “Digital University 3.0”. The application is seen as a single ecosystem that integrates electronic services operating at the university. I express the hope that together with RUE Beltelecom we will be able to realize all the ideas we have conceived.

The prototype of the application “My University” is the platform “My City”, which has digitized the main city services and has been running successfully in ten cities of Belarus. Creating an application for the university, the developers expanded the functionality, focusing on the needs of applicants, students and university staff. Typical modules are implemented here: “information”, “news”, “online recording”, “chat”, “poll”, etc. With the help of a mobile application, applicants will be able to get acquainted with information about the university and follow the progress of the admission campaign, students can study the schedule, receive prompt notifications about changes in classes, and send requests to the dean's office. For professors, the possibility of operational communication with students is implemented A “smart timetable” and an interactive map of the university are under development. The functionality of the application is not limited and will be expanded according to the wishes of users. The application “My University” is available for download on Android and iOS.

Other universities have already expressed interest in the new project. The application “My University” will lay the foundation for the development of digital communications in the field of education and will become a kind of navigator for a specific educational institution. At the same time, the feature of the system is a simple, clear interface and flexible functionality.