Up to 500 Mbit/s! “YASNA” offers a new tariff plan

For the first time, YASNA offers its subscribers Internet speed of up to 500/250 Mbit/s! On October 2, a new tariff plan “YASNA 500 SMART” appeared in the popular line of service packages.

The YASNA 500 SMART service package includes:

  • unlimited Internet access at speed up to 500/250 Mbit/s;
  • Internet television SMART ZALA at the Kanapa TV tariff - more than 100 channels;
  • telephone communication under conditions of unlimited connection time in the Beltelecom network;
  • CLIP number identification service.

Individuals who are subscribers of PON technology can subscribe to the YASNA 500 SMART package after a preliminary analysis of technical feasibility. Upon conclusion of the contract, the subscriber is provided with a set-top box and a single- or dual-band router*.

To connect YASNA 500 SMART, you need to contact the Beltelecom service center. All details and consultations are available around the clock by calling 123.

The cost of “YASNA 500 SMART” is 65 rubles per month.

Users of the new tariff also have access to a wide range of services for an additional fee: anti-virus protection, access to Yandex and PREMIER subscriptions, thematic TV packages “Premium”, “More TV” and “VIP HD”, SMS notifications and others. These services can be ordered in the Beltelecom service center, the “My Beltelecom” application or the user account.

Advantages of YASNA service packages:

  • GPON technology guarantees high speed Internet access and high quality television.
  • Favorable price - the cost of connecting services as part of a package is cheaper than separately. Payment for all services included in the package is made to a common personal account.
  • Advance form of payment - replenishment of the personal account is carried out in any volume sufficient to maintain a positive balance.
  • Easy to connect - the necessary equipment is provided for use at no charge.

*A dual-band router is provided if the branch has the appropriate equipment.