125 years in touch: Minsk City Telephone Exchange Branch of RUE Beltelecom celebrates its anniversary

On November 14, 2021, the Minsk City Telephone Exchange branch celebrated its 125th anniversary. Such a significant date underlines a rich and eventful history. During this period, a long way has passed from the first phones to modern high-tech services.

The history of the Minsk City Telephone Exchange began back in 1896, when in a beautiful 4-storey building of the post and telegraph office on the str. Gubernatorskaia (now Lenin street) telephone exchange of the Ericsson system for 100 numbers was introduced.

As time went on, technologies have stepped forward and continue to develop. Copper telephone lines were replaced by fiber-optic ones using GPON technology. The modern network has made it possible to offer high speeds of Internet access, expand the range of services and improve their quality. In October this year, the 800,000th subscriber was connected in Minsk using the new technology.

ZALA television, byfly internet, YASNA service packages - these brands are known to almost all residents of the capital. Video control is gaining popularity as a simple and convenient way to remotely control any objects - an entrance, a parking lot or a playground. The corporate sector has not been ignored either: a wide range of turnkey services is available to the capital business.

Dozens of digital solutions, high service and quality, round-the-clock customer support. All this is the result of the professional work of the MGTS team. The skill and unique experience of our employees allow us to solve the most difficult problems, introduce the latest achievements in the field of telecommunications. Today the team sets many ambitious goals for the further development of communications in the capital and is writing a new digital page in its history. At the same time, as well as decades ago, the calling of signalmen is to give the joy of communication.

The anniversary is an excellent occasion to say words of gratitude to the entire staff of the Minsk City Telephone Exchange for their conscientious work and a huge contribution to the development of modern technologies and communication services. With deep respect and gratitude, we appeal to the veterans of communications, labor family dynasties and, of course, the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who built, restored and improved the telephone communication system in Minsk.

On this significant day, we also thank all the subscribers of the Minsk City Telephone Exchange: thank you for your trust!

Dear friends! We wish you an inexhaustible supply of energy, professional success and, of course, good health!

On the occasion of the anniversary, an online exhibition dedicated to the history of the Minsk telephone has been organized on the website of the National Historical Archives of Belarus. You can get acquainted with a retrospective of the development of communications from the construction of the first telephone line to the beginning of the Second World War here.