The "Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)" service

The "Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)" service enables one to see the phone number of the calling person as well as the date and time of the call on the screen of the subscriber terminal equipment (telephone, fax machine and other devices). If there is no screen on the phone set, the service is not possible. If the phone number of the calling person is stored in the notebook of your phone, on the screen, in addition to the phone number, there will be shown the rest of the entries from the notebook, e.g., the caller`s name. In addition, it is possible to store some numbers of the last calls received, review them and return calls.
If it is impossible to identify the phone number of the person calling (incoming calls from numbers with the CLIR service activated as well as the call from the network, which numbers cannot be identified), CLIP service provides receipt of a symbol-indicator showing the impossibility of number identification.

To use the CLIP service, a subscriber should purchase subscriber terminal device that supports Caller ID or CID functions.