Welcome to Recreation center «Luban»

It is worth visiting the picturesque Lake Luban (Kobrin district), where the Recreation center is located, to find peace and quietness.


In three wooden houses, located in the forest near the shore, you can choose any room based on your wishes and requirements: double, triple or quadriple room (cost of 1 night is 36310 rubles per a person). 


For more demanding persons there is a suit in a separate building for four persons with all facilities (1 night – 160800 rubles).

You can spend an evening in a good company in a sauna or at a picnic, prepare barbecue with friends at a specially equipped area.


There is a special area for children in Recreation center.



If you prefer an active recreation, you can play on the sport ground or a tennis court. Or you can play chess and billiards or take a ride on a catamaran.



During a weekend it is better to hire a bicycle and go to the village Divin, located in 3 km. from the lake. There are two ancient Orthodox churches: Prechinskaya (the beginning of ХХ century) and Paraskevo-Pyatnitskaya (XVIII century). These churches are architectural monuments. Those who are interested in ancient history of this region are advised to visit architectural monuments, located on the east shore of the lake: the settlement of Bronze Age, Mesolithic and Neolithic sites.

 For more information about recreation, please call: : Brest (8 0162) 22 12 61, Kobrin (8 01642) 2 37 46, 2 37 75