Beltelecom offers a new package of services of the “Semeynyy” line

On December 14, 2022, the tariff plan “Semeynyy 5 LTE” appeared in the line of “Semeynyy” service packages. The new offer will afford connecting modern communication services where it was previously technically impossible.

“Semeynyy 5 LTE” includes:

  • unlimited access to the Internet based on the LTE network at speeds up to 5 Mbps for reception and 5 Mbps for transmission;
  • Internet TV SMART ZALA on the terms of the tariff plan “Kanapa TV”;
  • telephone communication with unlimited calls via the Beltelecom network with an additional CLIP number identification service.

Subscribers can connect to the “Semeynyy 5 LTE” - individuals who are in the zone of reliable reception of the LTE (4G) wireless network.

A wide range of additional services is available for the “Semeynyy 5 LTE” service package:

– SMS-notification about approaching the shutdown threshold;

– “Safe Internet”;

– anti-virus protection services;

– “Parental control”;

– “Parental control for mobile devices”;

– “Access to music and video services” (Yandex);

– “Providing access to Internet TV using a SMART ZALA set-top box”;

– “Musical Marathon”;

– “Minsk number”;

– “Virtual number”;

– “Abbreviated-number dialing”;

– “Call waiting”;

– “Call transfer”;

– “Connection without dialing”.

Also, additional telephone services are available to subscribers.

The cost of “Semeynyy 5 LTE” is 35 rubles per month.

For a consultation, please contact the service centers of Beltelecom or call 123. You can leave an online application for connecting the service package here.

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