The filling of ZALA packages is changing

Dear subscribers!

On July 1, Intex TV channels begin broadcasting for subscribers of the Brest region and the Gomel TV channel for subscribers of the Gomel region as part of the basic and extended packages of interactive television ZALA.

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

Intex is a regional TV channel. The program schedule includes "News", which are aired twice daily in the evening with a morning repeat, Saturday program "7 days", which reflects the main events of the week, as well as "Region". On Thursdays, the program "Guest of the Studio" is broadcast, on Sundays - "The Light of Orthodoxy".

In the program of the Gomel TV channel you will find information, analytical, journalistic, cultural and educational, children's, sports, music, entertainment and spiritual and educational programs, as well as feature (fiction) and documentary films.


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