We present a new package of services "YASNA 200 SMART"

The line of popular service packages has been supplemented by a new offer - "YASNA 200 SMART".

It includes access to the Internet at a speed of 200 Mbit/s for reception and 100 Mbit/s for transmission, as well as Internet TV SMART ZALA on the terms of the "Kanapa TV" tariff plan. In addition, "YASNA 200 SMART" includes an unlimited number of telephone connections in the network of RUE Beltelecom.

Customers who have made a choice in favor of "YASNA 200 SMART" are given the STB B800 prefix. With its help, subscribers will have access to a payment service, photo archives and other useful options.

The payment service allows you to pay for communication services through the "My Beltelecom" application, as well as for IPTV services using a QR code through mobile banking. In the first case, the subscriber must be registered in the "My Beltelecom" system, in the second, he must have mobile banking on his smartphone.

The new STB B800 prefix for "YASNA 200 SMART" also provides access to the "My Beltelecom" application, interactive games, Dropbox photo archives, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive from the TV set.

To use television services on the second subscriber device, you need to download a new application "ZALA yasna". It is available in Google Play, App Store and on the website of RUE Beltelecom.

The cost of "YASNA 200 SMART" will be 48 rubles per month. To connect to the new package of services, you need to contact the service center of Beltelecom.

New application "ZALA yasna"

Please note that new subscribers of the "YASNA 200 SMART", "YASNA 100 SMART", "YASNA Igrovoy SMART", "Kanapa TV" and "Semeynyy 15" tariff plans, connected after April 6, 2021, will be able to use the new "ZALA yasna" application.

Soon the application "ZALA yasna" will be available for LG, Samsung. We will inform you of the date additionally. Follow the news!

The application "ZALA yasna" can be downloaded:

  • for Android from GooglePlay service: click
  • for Android TV from GooglePlay service: click
  • for iPhone from iTunes service:click
  • View via Web Browser: click

All subscribers who connected before April 6, 2021 (including) will continue to use the ZALA application.

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