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To attention of SMART ZALA subscribers

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Dear subscribers!

From August 10, 2018, payment for the additional SMART ZALA package “Bolshe TV” (“More TV”) is to be introduced.

The package includes ten TV channels of different genres targeted at a wide audience. Having connected the package, all family members will find something interesting in it. For young viewers "Bolshe TV" offers such channels as "Mult", “Cartoon Network”, and “Boomerang”. Viewers of the older generation will get an opportunity to spend time together with the channel "Nostalgia". In addition, the package "Bolshe TV" includes such entertainment and educational channels as "Techno 24", "My Planet", "Sarafan", "Science", "Nastoyshchee strashnoye televidenie” (“Really terrifying TV” (NSTV)) and “Eureka”.

Subscribers of the basic package "Canapa TV" of SMART ZALA TV can connect additional package "Bolshe TV" by one of the convenient ways: in the service center, in the user account or using the application "My Beltelecom". Tariff for the additional package "Bolshe TV" for individual subscribers is 3 rubles 75 kopecks. Payment is made on an advance basis. Writing-off of a monthly fee is effected on a daily basis in equal shares.