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Don’t miss the chance to take part in the promotion “All year round with ZALA”!

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Till June 30, 2018, subscribers of "Premiera" and "Prosto TV" tariff plans can take part in the "All year round with ZALA" promotion and enjoy the variety of TV channels in the extended basic package "ZALA: all inclusive" at a discounted price.

Under the terms of the promotion “All year round with ZALA”, the extended basic package is provided with a discount during 12 months from the date of connection. The first month the extended package is provided at the price of the basic tariff plan "Premiera". Starting from the second month the subscription fee discount will amount to 15%. Thus, the price of the tariff plan “ZALA: all inclusive” under the terms of the promotion will amount to 11.81 BYN.

As part of the "ZALA: all inclusive" tariff plan, over 110 television channels of different genres are broadcast, including such popular ones as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. In the extended package one can also find: FOX - one of the best entertainment TV channels of the world; FOX Life - a television channel offering viewers high-quality reality shows and the best series of European and American production; National Geographic - television channel of popular science and documentary films about archeology, history, natural science, mysterious phenomena of nature, achievements in the field of science and technology, etc .; Nat Geo Wild is a TV channel dedicated entirely to the wild nature. Moreover the package includes such popular kids’ channels, as MULT and Nickelodeon.

The promotion is available to the subscribers-individuals, who are connected under the terms of the tariff plans “Prosto TV” or “Premiera” and have no more than two thematic packages.

To connect under the terms of the promotion the subscribers shall contact the company service center or change the tariff plan to “ZALA: all inclusive” in User account or via “My Beltelecom” application.

You have only few weeks left to participate in the promotion - do not miss the opportunity to connect under attractive terms!