Brand YASNA became the winner of the anniversary award the "People's Choice Brand" of Belarus | Beltelecom

Brand YASNA became the winner of the anniversary award the "People's Choice Brand" of Belarus

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On December 1, the results of the anniversary consumer award "People's Choice Brand" were announced. The award was held in Belarus for the fifth time.
The awards ceremony united the leaders of the Belarusian market in the field of food, non-food products and services - the owners of the most recognizable and preferred brands of our country according to consumers’ opinion.

The brand YASNA won the first place in the nomination "Internet Service Provider Package".


YASNA service packages from RUE Beltelecom include three basic services necessary for any modern person for comfortable and full-fledged communication: the Internet, telephone and television.

The people’s choice was made by filling out questionnaires widely represented in the media and on the official website of the award
Questions included in the questionnaires didn’t specify any trademarks and were based on open voting.
The results of the nationwide voting of the People's Choice Brand Award have demonstrated the actual positioning of the main players on the market and announced trade marks, which managed to win the leading position in hearts of Belarusian consumers. Over the past five years, the Award symbol has received wide recognition throughout the territory of Belarus, and the title "People's Choice Brand" has become the main award representing popular love and trust.

The "People's Choice Brand" of Belarus is an annual national award identifying the leading brands of the country by means of mass open voting in the media.