Beltelecom connected a 2 millionth subscriber to the GPON technology | Beltelecom

Beltelecom connected a 2 millionth subscriber to the GPON technology

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On August 2, 2018 in Smorgon the management of RUE Beltelecom in a solemn atmosphere congratulated the 2 millionth subscriber of the GPON network in Belarus. The resident of Smorgon Anna Masevich who works as a teacher of geography became the 2 millionth subscriber.

Sergey Turomsha, Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues with Victor Matveev, Director of Grodno Branch of RUE Beltelecom congratulated Anna and her family. The company presented to the jubilee subscriber the certificate for the "Yasna 100" service package free of charges during the year, a TV-set with smart function and a tablet .

Now Anna family can use unlimited high speed of the Internet network connection till 100 Mbit/s; ZALA digital interactive TV, including HD-quality; unlimited talk in the Beltelecom network in Belarus; SMART home service basic package; CLIP service; access to the public networks Wi-Fi with the name ‘BELTELECOM” and «byfly Wi-Fi».

The connection of a 2 millionth GPON subscriber is a significant achievement for Beltelecom. The fiber-optic network is the basic element of the telecommunications infrastructure that allows rendering services at a qualitatively new level. The first subscribers of this technology were connected in 2011. The millionth milestone was overcome in 2016. In September 2017, the subscriber base reached one and a half million, and today 2 million subscribers use modern technology!

The company "Beltelecom" is carrying out a large-scale modernization of the networks throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus with the replacement of obsolete copper communication lines with fiber optic ones. GPON technology allows you to provide the most advanced communication services, including the provision of "YASNA" service packages.

In April 2016 Beltelecom presented the YASNA brand for the subscribers of the GPON network. "YASNA" unites package offers, which include three main services of the company: high-speed Internet, interactive TV ZALA or SMART ZALA, unlimited duration of telephone connections via the Beltelecom network. The convenience of package offers is that payment for services is made to a single personal account on an advance principle. The use of GPON technology guarantees consistently high quality of all services.