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Beltelecom answers the FAQs

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In Beltelecom’s public pages in SNSs communicate almost 20,000 people. Our public pages in VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, accounts in Twitter and Instagram unite company friends, IT specialists, existing and potential subscribers.
One of the main tasks of these online public pages is to provide complete and timely information about the activities and services of the company. On our platforms users can ask their questions and get answers from specialists. We strive for open and constructive communication and thank our subscribers for all appeals and suggestions, as they help to improve the quality of our services.
Understanding how important it is for customers to receive information on the company's activities promptly, we try to use all convenient communication channels. Today we will answer the questions most often asked by the clients of the enterprise in recent times.

  1. What should I do if I forgot my password to enter the user account?

Requisites to enter the user account are specified in the service agreement. If the documents are lost or the user manually changed the password in the settings of the user account and forgot it, in order to restore access, the contract holder should contact our service center with a passport.

  1. What should I do if I forgot my password to access my home Wi-Fi network?
    In this case, you need to reset the modem settings and configure the connection (first wired and then wireless) again.
    If you use the Internet based on GPON technology and did not change the password that you had to enter when you first connected, you can see it next to the name of your wireless network on the reverse side of the fiber optic terminal.
  2.  How to call technical support?
    Telephone number of subscribers’ technical support is 123. The call from both landline and mobile phone is free.
  3. In what period of time necessary to repay the promised payment?

Using the “Promised Payment” service, the subscriber needs to replenish the balance within 72 hours in an amount equal to the promised payment or larger.

The information about the schedule of the service centers in the country, as well as their addresses and phones can be found here.
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