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IP-based interconnection of corporate networks (VPN)

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The "IP-based interconnection of corporate networks (VPN)" service is designed for businesses and organizations that have a branched structure and are interested in constant exchange of data with their counterparts in the Republic of Belarus.

On the basis of Beltelecom`s data network with the use of VPN service, geographically-dispersed networks of one or various entities can be combined into a single virtual data network.

Modern technologies used in the organization of the VPN service make it possible to provide any data rate.

VPN service is available only to legal entities


Name of service Tariff, Br.
Set-up fee for installation of a point of connection notwithstanding connection type, for one point of connection (one-time fee) 254 000
Subscription fee for one point of connection (per month)  
with provision of modem equipment 30 000
without provision of modem equipment 20 000
Fee for traffic transmission from each point of connection for 1 Kbps per month  
on a local level (within one locality) by organization of a channel to the equipment of RUE Beltelecom with the channel capacity:  
up to 1 Mbps (inclusive) 88