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Videoconferencing service - is a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more users to interact via video and audio transmissions in real-time.

Modern equipment, lines and technologies afford organization of several variants of communication. In this case high quality picture and sound are provided.

If necessary to organize a service «Videoconferencing» for not more than two participants, it is possible to use simple scheme on the principle of «Video bridge» using moving studio of RUE Beltelecom at lower rates. It is necessary to find out technical possibilities in every case.

Additional features

Multipoint sessions of videoconferencing can be held in the following main modes:
• Voice activated – in this mode all the participants of videoconferencing can see the speaker;
• Continuous presence – in this mode every participant has a picture of some other participants (split screen mode).

RUE Beltelecom provides the opportunity to use additional equipment during videoconferencing free of charge, that affords to connect PC for parallel demonstration of the demonstrating materials, multimedia projector and special videorecoder, that helps to record the procedure of the conference on DVD disk.

If necessary RUE Beltelecom on contractual basis provides maintenance of telecommunication facilities for organizations with own telecommunication networks.