The promotion “All year round with ZALA” continues

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To the attention of the subscribers of the tariff plans “Premiera” and “Prosto TV”! 
Till December 31, 2017, the subscribers-individuals can watch a variety of TV channels included in the extended basic package “ZALA all inclusive” at a reduced price.
Under the terms of the promotion “All year round with ZALA”, the extended basic package is provided with a discount during 12 months from the date of connection. The first month the discount amounts to 45.5%. It means that the subscribers of the basic tariff plan “Premiera” can switch to the extended tariff plan “ZALA: all inclusive” without price increase. Starting from the second month the subscription fee discount will amount to 15%. Therefore, the price of the tariff plan “ZALA: all inclusive” under the terms of the promotion will amount to 11.48 BYN.
The tariff plan “ZALA: all inclusive” provides an opportunity to view more than 90 channels of a variety of genres.
Additional information. The promotion is available to the subscribers-individuals, who are connected to the service IPTV under the terms of the tariff plans “Prosto TV” and “Premiera” and have no more than two thematic packages.
To connect under the terms of promotion the subscribers shall contact the company service center or change the tariff plan to “ZALA: all inclusive” in User account. Meanwhile, for subscribers who confirm to the terms of the promotion (have no more than two thematic packages), the activation of the promotion will be carried out automatically, that is, no additional actions from the subscriber are required when changing a tariff.
If a subscriber has more than two thematic packages at the moment of changing a tariff plan, the switch to the tariff plan “ZALA: all inclusive” will be performed under the normal conditions, that is, without a discount.