“Sportivny” package at a 100% discount for three months: “ZALA Lifestyle” bonus program continues

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Dear subscribers of the tariff plans “Premiere”, “Prosto TV”, as well as the packages “YASNA 10”, “YASNA 50”, “Express” and other packages that include interactive TV services!
Beltelecom continues to acquaint you with the television channels under “ZALA Lifestyle” program. On the third stage of the program, “Sportivnaya ZALA” promotion is offered.
After summer holidays, from September 1 to October 31, 2017, ZALA offers you to be engaged in sports events not only in real life, but on TV screens as well. IPTV service subscribers are offered connection to the package “Sportivny” at a 100% discount for three months from the moment of the package connection.
Football and hockey matches, as well as programs about extreme sports are broadcasted on the TV channels of the package “Sportivny”. 
To connect to the package “Sportivny” under the promotion terms, one shall follow only three steps:
1. Enter the user's account on the website www.zala.by (to enter the cabinet, first click on the window in the upper right corner of the website interface, then enter the login and password mentioned in the order form attached to the service contract).
2. In the “Tariffs and services” tab, select from the “List of services available for order” table the “Sportivny” thematic package and click the “add” button.
After adding a package, select the service “Activation of the promotion “Discount for the “Sportinvy” package in the same table and then click the “add” button.
Attention: the promotion is available to the subscribers - individuals connected to the tariff plans “Premiere” and “Prosto TV”. Besides, it covers the service packages (including archival ones), which do not have “Sportivny” package as of September 1, 2017.
Information about the next stage of the program will be posted additionally, follow the news on the website.
Enjoy your watching!